Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Bhu

Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With “Bhu” – Here is your search result for Baby Boy Names that start with “Bhu” with meanings. Already we have discussed thousands of Hindu Baby Boy Names. Here we only discuss Baby Names that beginning with “Bhu”.

Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Bhu

Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With “Bhu” :

Bhubaneswargod, lord of the world

Bhubhujudisciplined, tractable


Bhudeblord of the earth

Bhudevalord of the earth, lord shiva

Bhudharlord vishnu

Bhujangamname of a snake

Bhukhandpiece of earth


Bhumeshgod of the earth

Bhumikearth, lord of lands

Bhuminathcontroller of the earth, king

Bhuminjayearth conqueror

Bhumiputrason of the earth understood the supreme


Bhubantraditional, world

Bhubneshlord of the world, earth

Bhudarlord vishnu


Bhudevlord of the earth

Bhudhavlord vishnu

Bhujangserpent, lord shiva

Bhumanyuone who is accepted by all

Bhumeshwargod of the earth

Bhumidolpalace, one of the three worlds


Bhumindralord of the earth, land, king

Bhuminson of the earth

Bhumisenname of a sage

Bhumishvarsovereign of the earth

Bhumiearth, land

Bhuneshwarlord of the world, lord shiva

Bhuneswarlord shiva, king of earth



Bhupathking, lord of earth

Bhupatlord of the earth, king

Bhupenderking of earth

Bhupenkings of king

Bhupesking of earth

Bhupindarking of kings

Bhupinderking of kings, emperor

Bhuranyuworshipped by the world

Bhuresadisciplined, tractable

Bhurjiname of a curry

Bhushankowner of land



Bhutarajalord of living beings

Bhuteswarname of lord shiva

Bhumitland, friend of land

Bhunandandelighting earth, son of earth

Bhuneshlord shiva



Bhupathilord of the earth

Bhupatigod of the earth, king

Bhupeeshderived from bhoop

Bhupendraking who rules all over earth

Bhupeshlord of joy, king of earth

Bhupindarpalpreserved by god

Bhupinderpalgod, protected by god

Bhuranjudisciplined, tractable

Bhuratnajewel of the earth

Bhurimuch, abundant, mighty

Bhusanclever, feeling of proudness

Bhushancleaver, ornament

Bhutakshshadow of earth, part of earth

Bhutamandisciplined, tractable

Bhuteshlord shiva

Bhuttabdisciplined, tractable

Bhuttamgold, best of earth

Bhuvanaliving creature


Bhuvaneshwargod of the world

Bhuvaneswargod, lord of the world

Bhuvanpatigod of the gods

Bhuvanshpart of the earth

Bhuvasair, atmosphere

Bhuveshking of earth, universe

Bhuvikearth, heavenly, celestial

Bhuvishlord of atmosphere


Bhuvneshwarabode of god

Bhuwanworld or universe

Bhuyanearth, soil

Bibhutisacred ashes

Bibhugod, supreme, omnipresent

Bhuvahword form slok

Bhuvandeeplight of the earth

Bhuvaneshvarlord of the world, earth

Bhuvaneshlord of the world, earth

Bhuvanjeetwinner of earth

Bhuvanrajking of the world

Bhuvanearth, palace, ruler

Bhuvenearth, palace, derived from bhuv

Bhuveswarlord, king of the earth

Bhuvinland, earth, palace

Bhuvitking of land

Bhuvnaearth, living creature

Bhuvneshlord of world

Bhuwnendraking of earth

Bhuearth, derived from bhumi